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It's not clean unless it's clinically clean

Sanitize & Disinfect

 Seven solutions in One​

  1. Mold & Mildew Killer - Kill and prevent spores with up to 7 month residual effect

  2. EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant - Kills 99.9999% of 20+ bacteria and viruses including MRSA, Staph and E.Coli - also effective on a number of pet viruses

  3. Fragrance-free Odor Eliminator -Effective on smoke, trash, septic, pet odors, urine, stale cooking odors, mildew and more. No fragrance.

  4. Carpet & Fabric Sanitizer - The only sanitizer approved by The Carpet & Rug Institute

  5. Allergen Eliminator - Pet dander, Dust mites, Cockroach allergens

  6. Kitchen Sanitizer
    NSF-certified for food surfaces. No rinse required.  Will not harm natural stones.

  7. Anti-microbial Control - Ensures air quality in HVAC— Non-corrosive and Ecologically safe.

Clean Rite offers electrostatic fogging with Aseptic Plus for sanitizing/disinfecting.  This can be used as a stand alone service for commercial applications or used in conjunction with a cleaning service. 


For optimal sanitizing and disinfecting as recommended by the CDC the bio material should be removed from, kitchen and bathroom surfaces first.  This is accomplished by using our professional cleaning services. 

Using Aseptic Plus in addition to our normal move in/move out cleaning routine in kitchen and bathrooms  gives you the clinically sanitized surfaces you desire when you move into a new home.  

Clients who desire a more substantial and thorough sanitization process can choose to have us use an electrostatic fogger which gives you nearly 100% coverage of all surfaces throughout the property either commercial or residential.  Just leave the solution on surfaces for 10min for maximum effectiveness.  Aseptic Plus leaves no residue.  Fogging can be done in vacant or occupied properties.  

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